Vie de France

Vie de France Yamazaki, Inc.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Fact Sheet

Vie de France recognizes the efficiencies EDI can bring to all partners in the supply chain and has embraced this form of business partnering and order communication since 2001. Since that time, we have seen the rise of those orders processed via EDI grow aggressively to where these orders represent almost 65% of all net sales. While we realize the capital investment in EDI can be quite significant, we have access to resources whereby even the smallest of business partners can begin to take part in these order processing efficiencies without the need for extensive technological infrastructure. Please feel free to contact us to better investigate the possibilities.

Phone:   Fax:
703-442-9205 703-821-2695; ATTN:  IT Department

EDI Contact Information:
Business Contact -
Technical Contact -

Systems Maintenance:
Vie de France Yamazaki, Inc. does not schedule trading documents over the weekend. A final send transmission is 8:00PM ET on Fridays; the first receive is 6:30AM ET on Mondays. Otherwise, transmissions are scheduled throughout the day, Monday-Friday.

Communication Protocol:
The preferred method for EDI trading is AS2.
AS2 Name - Vie de France Yamazaki   AS2 ID - VDFYAS2
EDI Qualifier - 12   EDI ID - 416212000
URL   released upon further set-up contact
IP Address   released upon further set-up contact
AS2 Software Vendor   Inovis
EDI Standards   X12
EDI Standards Version   004010
Interchange Senders ID Qualifier   12
Interchange Senders ID   4162120000
Group Applicant Sender ID   4162120000

Transaction Sets:
Document Description   Transaction Set   Direction
Purchase Order 850 Receive
Purchase Order Acknowledgement 855 Send
PO Change Order 860 Receive
Invoice 810 Send
Product Transfer & Resale 867 Receive
Warehouse Ship Order 940 Send
Warehouse Shipping Advice 945 Receive
Functional Acknowledgement 997 Send / Receive